What is an Apartment Property Management Company?

What is an Apartment Property Management Company?

Real estate makes up 16% of America's GDP. The market for property managers is worth nearly $5 billion. 

Managing a property on your own is difficult, and it gets even harder when you're putting it up for rent. Every unit has to be maintained and kept occupied for you to turn a profit.

Getting help with these tasks protects your investment, whether you have one property or an entire complex. Read on to learn what an apartment property management company can do for you and how to choose the right one.

What Is an Apartment Property Management Company?

7 in 10 of the nearly 20 million rental properties in the US are owned by individuals. Most have only 1 or 2, but the responsibilities they create can be overwhelming. Major businesses or individuals with a larger portfolio need help with investment property management for the same reason.

An apartment property management company works with property owners to take care of and rent out apartments. Their daily tasks may include:

  • Finding and screening renters
  • Administrative tasks
  • Property maintenance
  • Handling legal issues

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Apartment Property Management Company?

The most obvious benefit of getting help with property management is stress reduction. Having even a few responsibilities taken off of your plate is a massive relief, especially if you have a large investment portfolio. 

Another essential benefit is legal help. A reputable property management company that meets its own requirements will know how to help you meet your responsibilities as a landlord and avoid financial or criminal penalties.


Vacancy rates are the percentage of units in a complex or neighborhood that are unoccupied. It also measures how long a single-family property has been unoccupied. It's one measure that helps determine a property's value and ROI. 

Property managers know how to keep your vacancy rate low. They'll set a fair rent and advertise the property in a way that keeps renters coming in.  

They can also offer advice on your real estate investment journey. They understand the local market and know which properties are worth adding to your portfolio.

How Do I Choose an Apartment Proper Management Company?

Your search for an apartment property management company starts on the web. Make sure they offer the services you need. Look for companies with positive reviews and plenty of experience. Check that they meet all regulatory and licensure requirements. 

Make sure that you choose a company you can afford that's transparent about all of its fees. Balance cost with quality because paying more for better service may be worth it. Talk to the company in person to make sure you can begin a healthy relationship with them.  

Which Apartment Property Management Company Should I Choose?

Real estate investing is a popular method that comes with danger and responsibility. Each property comes with a long list of administrative, legal, marketing, and maintenance tasks you need to handle to keep it profitable. 

An apartment property management company takes a great deal of the responsibility off of your shoulders. They'll keep your vacancy rates low while offering advice on the best properties to invest in.

Contact the HomeRiver Group Pittsburgh to get peace of mind knowing you have a reputable company helping you manage your properties. 

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